About me:

Riot Media Freelance Cameraman, Dronepilot, aerial filiming and photographic service and cutter from the heart of Switzerland (Zug)

RIOT MEDIA offers a all around service for small to mid sized Film projects, out of one hand.

Bigger projects can be done with some external ressources as well.

As a addition we offer aerial drone shoots with a big DJI S1000 / Gh4 Camera and also a smaller Quadcopter with a GoPro.

This can be a very cost saving way to get great shoots.








I team up with other sources for big projects, or work with them along if needed. So If you need a full size film crew or a octocopter that can carry a Red Maysterium-X, a Canon C300 or a DSLR I can get the needed resources for you.

If you got any question feel free to contact me using either the contact form

or by phone at Tel. +41 (0) 79 445 24 12.



– Aerial filming

– Aerial photographing

– Docs

– Corporate web Commercials

– Social Clips

– Internal Corporate Communication

– Corporate short movies

– DVD Production

– Musical

– Theater


Usualy I work with these cameras:

– Canon c300

– Panasonic GH4

– JVC HM100

– Canon EOS 550D

– Various Action Cam’s like GoPro’s



I usually edit with these programs

– Adobe Premiere CS4 up to CC2014

– Red Giant Colorista 2

– Red Giant Looks 1-2

– Adobe AfterEffects CS4 up to CC2014

Who am I?

RIOT MEDIAMedia addict, working in a Web&Multimedia and filming enviroment.

Knowledge from scratch till final production is key to me.

Comming with a background in arts, web frontent design and internet technologies, video production and print media.

I’ve done multiple web and media projetcs for clients like BMW Switzerland, Swissair, Hapimag, Gate Gourmet etc.



In the past i’ve shoot and edited commissional projects in following countries:

Austria Finnland
Germany Italy
Morroco Portugal
Spain Switzerland
Turkey UK