Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

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    1. by Robson José Rivera Augusto

      As of now there its forbinden to fly multicopters / drones commercialy within the Brazil.
      The ANAC is working on to build a brazilian legislation which will allow a legal certification. Maybe we will see a first rules at ending 2014. From now (ANAC & MD) allow only:
      1- After request maybe allow only a experimental flights. (not for commercial purposes)
      2- Should be done in distant places far from populated areas.
      3- Flights BVR (FPV only) is forbidden.
      4- The operation of model aircraft is forbidden near Airports and Military Instalations.

    2. Thank you for the input ! Do you have any link to the ANAC or any other website legal information gets published? That would be rally helpfull too.

    3. New rules in Italy.
      The law obliges owners to certify their UAVs and the pilots

    4. Thank you very much for the usefull input !

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    6. by Philipp

      Auf der Suche nach Aufstiegsgenehmigungen in Spanien bin ich auf diese Seit gestoßen:
      http://www.onyxstar.net/regulation eventuell schon bekannt?!
      Ich habe einen Auftrag im Juni für Mallorca und Ibiza und habe bisher nicht viel zu den Gesetzen in Spanien lesen können, bis auf deine Umfangreiche Seite hier.

    7. by Eloi

      Now in spain it’s absolutely forbiden to fly. except in the designated areas for flying (federated flieds)
      in spanish: http://www.seguridadaerea.gob.es/media/4229776/el_uso_de_los_drones.pdf
      They will provably do a new one at the end to the summer to regulat them

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    9. by Martin

      I just found some more info on Australian UAV regulations

    10. by Martin
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    12. by Bruno Weiller

      Very nice and useful compilation, thanks.
      Last french regulation (11May2014) is commented and linkable here:

    13. Thanks for the input Bruno. But I can’t get to the content as its password protected.
      Can you wrap up the latest changes or send me a link to a source that is availabel to public?

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    15. Thanks for posting this information
      We’re launching a „TripAdvisor“ for UAV/drone travel and would be very grateful if you could share your travel and flying experiences: http://uaviators.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page

      Thanks again!

    16. by RN

      Forget about taking any drone into Brasil. They are expressly being sought after and confiscated immediately by customs agents.

      You can buy them locally (at a premium albeit), and use them without much practical issue, but customs is confiscating them willy nilly… (allegation is that its a radio transmission device which has not been certified by the equivalent of the local FCC… nonetheless, you can bring a laptop which hasnt been certified to work, or a remote control, but drones…welll,,,,theyve decided drones are especially evil! LOL)

    17. Thank you very much. Will include your information shortly.


    19. by Lavinia

      Does anybody have some information about the rules in Slovenia?
      Thanks! 🙂

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    21. by Florida Bob

      I am going to Brazil on December 29. Are light multi-copters still being confiscated at customs?

    22. by Stefan Ströbele

      Does anybody have some information about the rules in Indonesia?


    23. Sorry for the late response (I was on vacation 😉 )
      Sadly I don’t have any information on Indonesia yet. But It would be cool if you could share any information you’ll find 🙂

    24. by Julian Caruana

      Hey if you want to send me an email I can update you with what is going on in Malta 🙂

    25. Sure, that would be great for everyone.

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    27. can somebody help me with information about flying with drone in Malta?

    28. by Ndj

      Any information on Malaysia?

    29. by admin

      Not yet, but let me know if you find any information 😉

    30. by Obi

      Any updates for Thailand? Can I bring my drone into the country if I’m holidaying then traveling on to another country?

    31. by admin

      Sorry, no news yet. But please let me know when you goz informations to share and i’l post it on the site for others to see.

    32. by Harry H.

      Hi alltogether,

      Some updates for Germany. In every German state you need a new permission. Under 5kg you need general permission. This one costs around 200 Euros for 2 years. If you are above 5 kg you need a single permit for each day, costing around 100 Euros a day.

      And one question:
      How is the situation in Finnland?



    33. by admin

      Hello Harry
      This is actually no news. This is how it works since a few years. No commercial flying without a licence.

    34. by Zurab

      can somebody help me with information about flying with drone in Chili?

    35. by John

      Anyone have any info on commercial flying in Switzerland?
      Cheers guys,

    36. by admin

      Its already in the alphabetical list 😉

    37. by Greg Chivers

      Thank you very much for the extremely useful information. I have got my UK CAA license, but am looking at using the UAV’s in other countries.

    38. by Lindsay

      Anyone have update on Philippines? please..
      planning trip this xmas..
      want to take drone just for video in secluded places..

    39. by Drago
    40. by saad

      hello all

      does any one know about the rules in slovenia for commercial use?

    41. by fabio

      someone has notices about rules in Zambia? not commercial use..in the wild only

    42. by issace

      does anyone know what is the rules about operate a commercial use in Switzerland ?
      or to get some useful like about it
      tnks a lot

    43. by admin

      All asked informations are available on our site.

    44. by wooexpand
    45. by Gaz Aldridge

      anyone know the current regulations to fly commercially in Hungary

    46. Hey, here are Informations about Drones in Peru und Bolivia.

      Best Kevin

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