In this blog you’ll find thoughst and reviews on various filmaking gadgets.
Reviews always consist of personal experinces. So if I write a reviews about something,  I had it in my hands and tested first hand.

Panasonic GH4 testing Panasonic Switzerland was very nice and loaned me a pre production  sample of the GH4 for a couple of days. As I just got it today i can’t tell you too much about it yet. I’ve only done some GH4 hand held shooting but really love it […]

Legal information about flying multicopter drone UAV in different countries comercially. This list does not directly include information about the hobbiest flyer, but the listed sources can be used to find these information also pretty easy. Most of the sources come in the countries native language. But Google translate will […]

Update: Canon has released a corrected firmware with a new number This one should be good to go. Get it here: Do not install Canon C300 Firmware as it has been discontinued. There seems to be some problems, one of them causing some colour shift. There is no way […]

IMPORTANT: Rumors say the firmware has been withdrawn for the C300 at least because it was causing an unplanned colour cast. There’s more information about this case in my latest Blogpost (click here). Canon released the long announced firmware update yesterday (Nov.13, 2013). The update for the C500 is still missing. […]

Traveling with Lithium-ion polymer batteries, polymer lithium ion or more commonly lithium polymer batteries (abbreviated Li-poly, Li-Pol, LiPo, LIP, PLI or LiP), can be very tricky. Especially if you travel by airplane. The staff at the airport security checks often has no clue or at least no real knowledge of […]

When I was out on the hunt for a practical slider, for some upcomming docu shoots, I’ve found the Edelkrone SLIDERPLUS+ First Edelkrone SLIDERPLUS+ reviews sounded good, the concept looked really smart, weight and size wise it matched what I was looking for. So I went for it and bought […]

Yesterday I received a fresh package so I thought I do a quick and small SmallHD AC7 SDI review. Shippment was under a week to Europa and tracking was provided. I bought it to be used together with a Canon C300 to help with focusing on shallow depth of field, as […]

Last fall i’ve found the Mira C300 / C500 loupe on a post in the internet and got very interested in it. So what is the DEITY Mira Viewfinder for the Canon C300? First there was only limited information, which has changed since the last NAB.           […]